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Distinct Products,
Enriching Lifestyle…

We supply products to design warm interiors to suit your personality and your life style. Designee as unique as you are!

Al Arsh has been set up to provide distinct products to Design Corporate & Residential Interiors and Exterior. In today's work culture it is normal for people to spend nearly two-thirds of their lives in offices. It is therefore important to think deeply into providing them with a good working environment, one that is comfortable, fosters creativity and growth. One that is open and transparent, having areas for social interaction that creates a greater bonding between people thus enabling them to act as cohesive teams. We believe in creating such environments by sensitively considering all these parameters. We as Interior Decorative Products supplying company providing Interior Designing companies Solutions in the field of Corporate Offices, Villas and other facilities by using world class products.

It is our goal to help all our Clients develop a highly innovative, ergonomic environment that optimizes work performance and meets every functional and budgetary concern.

Ceilings, Flooring and walls are as important in helping to set the tone for a space as the layout of the space itself. The potential for ceilings or walls to serve as integral design elements is too often underestimated.

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