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About Us

Welcome to Al Arsh, a diversified company, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we proudly offer a diverse range of services across multiple industries.

In the realm of IT solutions, Al Arsh provides cutting-edge technology services. With strategic branch offices in India, Singapore, and the USA, we have established a global footprint to ensure a comprehensive and responsive approach to our clients' needs. Our international presence enables us to deliver IT solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, fostering innovation and digital transformation.

As experts in import-export, Al Arsh facilitates the global trade of a wide spectrum of products. From FMGC to recycled scrap metal, building materials and innovative gaming products, our extensive portfolio caters to diverse markets. Our meticulous approach to logistics ensures a seamless flow of goods across borders, providing our partners with a reliable and efficient trading experience.

Diversifying further, Al Arsh is a key player in the interior products industry. Our offerings include high-quality vinyl flooring, sophisticated carpet tiles, “Innovate Stones” for avant-garde wall cladding, and translucent concrete, among other premium solutions. Our commitment to craftsmanship and design excellence is evident in every product, enhancing spaces with a touch of sophistication.

Explore the possibilities with Al Arsh by selecting from our comprehensive offerings. Whether you are seeking transformative IT solutions, engaging in global trade, or elevating your spaces with top-notch interior products, Al Arsh is your trusted partner for innovation and success.

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