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SingleStore DB


SingleStore is dedicated to helping businesses adapt more quickly, embrace diverse data and accelerate digital innovation by operationalizing all data through one platform for all of their moments that matter. These capabilities are provided as a service in AWS, Azure and GCP and through your own deployments with SingleStore Managed Service.

SingleStore DB
unifies transactions and analytics in a single engine to drive low-latency access to large datasets, simplifying the development of fast, modern enterprise applications. Built for developers and architects, SingleStoreDB is based on a distributed SQL architecture, delivering 10-100 millisecond performance on complex queries — all while ensuring your business can effortlessly scale.


Real-time. – unified - distributed sql. 
With a unified data engine for transactional and analytical workloads, SingleStoreDB powers fast, real-time analytics and applications

Data-Intensive Applications: Applications that need a combination of some or all of these five attribute


Data Size
Hundreds of Terabytes or Petabytes of data


Speed of Ingestion
Speed of Ingestion

Latency Requirements_edited_edited.png

Latency Requirements
Hundreds of Terabytes or Petabytes of data


Latency Requirements
Hundreds of Terabytes or Petabytes of data


Tens to hundreds of users accessing the application simultaneously

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