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Alf began painting at the age of three and quickly showed unusual talent, creating abstract patterns that come purely from his imagination. Alf’s work carries a meditative feel through details, lines, and shapes. His art reminds people of the freedom of Basquiat, Appel, Kline, Miró, Haring, and Kandinsky, yet having its unique recognisable style. Reflecting the way Alf sees the world.

“I sometimes wish that the whole world was made out of lines only,” Alf says.

Alf’s art has been so popular that it’s graced the cover of Monument magazine, he gave drawing workshops at WeTransfer and the Art Academy of Maastricht, and he created a 6-meter large mural for the Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam head office, touching global art enthusiasts. Based in Amsterdam, Alf sells his work through Instagram as far away as Paris and New York.

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